Erect – standing

Decubitus – patient is lying down

Supine – lying on the back

Prone – lying face down

Lateral decubitus – lying on the side

Right decubitus – lying on the right side

Left decubitus – lying on the left side

Extension – when the angle of joint increases.

Flexion –when the angle of joint decreases.

Abduction – refers to the movement away from the midline

Adduction – refers to the movement towards the midline

Rotation – angulation of a body part at particular point or its own axis.

Pronation – movement of hand and forearm in which the palm is moved from facing anteriorly to posteriorly.

Supination – reverse of pronation.

these are the position which is used during the x ray examination and many other medical field to determine the position of the body.

many positions are still remaining which will be added later.


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