• Father of Genetics Gregor Johann Mendel.
• Correct structure of DNA was first deduced by James Watson and Francis Crick (1953).
• Structure unit of DNA Gene
. Johannsen was the first person who coined the term gene in 1909.
• Unit of inheritance Gene
• Number of genes in human genome 50,000-100, 000
• Most important intermediary molecule for gene expression RNA
• Best known and most common chromosomal Abnormality – Dawn’s syndrome (trisomy21)
• Only viable monosomy in human beings Turner’s syndrome
• Most common translocation in chromosomes of human being – Robert sonian translocation
• Commonest hereditary bleeding disorder – Hemophilia
• Commonest x-linked gene disorder – Rad – green color blindness
• Most important process required for inheritance – Reproduction
• Only known condition which is Y- linked – Hairy pinna in male
• All cells in the body contain 46 chromosomes except – Gametes ( sex cells) which contain 23 chromosomes.
• Most important excretory organ of the body – Kidney
• Nephrons is the structural and functional unit of kidney
• Number of nephrons in each kidney – 1 million
• Testes is the primary sex organ in male.
• Longest duct of male reproductive system – Duct of epididymis
• ovaries is the primary sex organ in female.
• Largest accessory gland – prostate gland (male)
• Strongest smooth muscle in the body – uterine muscle
• Most sensitive part of male external genitalia Glans of penis
• Most common cancer of female reproductive system – carcinoma cervix.

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