We can all seen people with birthmarks on their body.

someone have small, others are big birthmarks and some people have blackish birthmarks, while others have brown, or red coloured.

It may be possible that you too have a birthmark anywhere on your body. Birthmarks are form by tiny blood vessels known as capillaries. In some places on our body, these capillaries are clustered together near the surface of the skin, forming a slightly raised area on the skin.

There is a pigment in the blood cells that make changes in colour of skin at a particular area. And that is how we have birthmarks on our skin.

Mostly Birthmarks are found on the head or neck, but the mark can be any where on the body.


  1. I have a very small grouping of freckles on my upper thigh … I have a lot of freckles anyway… but right there is little cluster

    My mom and grandmother have/had same cluster – same area – same shape everything.

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