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Ecosystem is a group that have living organism and all the lives interact with each other in any way in any specific environment.

Concept of ecosystem:-

The concept of ecosystem was firstly used by British ecologist Arthur Tansley.

Types of ecosystem:- Ecosystem have two types
1:-Terrestrial ecosystem
2:-Aquatic ecosystem

Terrestrial is land based ecosystem while Aquatic ecosystem is water based.

Structure of ecosystem:-

There are two types of structures of ecosystem

1:- Biotic ecosystem

2:- Abiotic ecosystem

Biotic ecosystem contain living organism while Abiotic ecosystem contain non living things like air, water.

Producers in ecosystem:-

Producers are like plants that use photosynthesis by using sunlight, water, air and than convert these energies into complex energies like proteins, starch.

Consumers in ecosystem:-

Consumers are those who can eat primary producers of their life. Herbivores are called primary consumers while carnivores are called secondary consumers.

Decomposers in ecosystem:-

Decomposers decompose the organic materials. They decompose dead bodies of animals, dead plants, etc. Decomposers have very high importance in ecosystem.

Energy flow in ecosystem:-

This is one directional energy flow. This energy passes from one trophic level to the next trophic level.

Food chain:-

the chain start from producers and ending with decomposers.
For example- Goat eat grass and lion eats goat and when lion dies it will be eaten by micro organism that are decomposers.

Food web

network of food chain is known as food web,

natural interconnection of food chains.

Ecological pyramid:-

It is a graphical representation that show the order that based on who eats whom, different trophic levels and represent flow of energy



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