Volcano is an eruption in the crust of large mass objects like planets.

When hot Lava gases dust and ashes escape out of surfaces (like earth’s surface) called volcanic eruption.

When tectonic plates diverges or converges, the chance of finding a volcano at that place are very high.

Mostly gases that are present in volcanoes are CO2 and Sulphur.

when Magma escape out from the surface called Lava.

There are different type of volcanoes such that Cinder cones volcanoes, Composite volcanoes, Shield volcanoes and lava domes volcanoes.

There are approximately 1500 active volcanoes on earth where Kilaula volcano is most active.

Mauna loa is the largest volcano on earth with a height of more than 9 kilometres and Cuexcomate is the smallest volcano only 13 meters tall.

Krakatao volcano erupt in 1883 and cause loudest sound which can be heard from 3000 miles away.

The danger area that a volcano cover is about 20 miles in radius.
Volcano can cause floods tsunamis and earthquakes.

The deadliest volcano eruption was occurred in Indonesia that cause thousand of lives lost.