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The word Time. Whenever we hear this word, only one thing comes to mind, what will it be or what will be its measurement.

Over time we think about the clock, the days, months or years.

Just like we see every object in any length or width or in any measurement, similarly there is also a measurement of time.

Time allows us to measure what happened in our past, what is happening in our present or what can happen in our future.

We also use time to measure the speed of an object.

Many times we also call time as fourth dimension, in which three dimensions are length, breath, and height.

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  1. Guten Tag
    Der erfahrbare Moment endet
    beginnt in der Geschichte
    des Universums der Zeit
    Zeit ist ein Erreignis aus
    dem masslosen Nichts
    unsere Vergangenheit
    die in der Seele
    im Körper verankert
    nicht korrigierbar ist
    wir messen nach
    den Gesetzen der Natur
    den Dingen
    dem Leben einen
    beständigen Ablauf zu
    das Mass der Zeit
    ist der Anfang
    das Ende
    des uns
    dem Menschen
    der Anfang
    sein End
    Geburt und Tod
    daselbe gilt
    die Zukunft
    ahnen wir
    der Ausbruch
    in die Vielfalt
    aller Dinge
    findet ihr
    selbst das Ende
    die Ausdehnung
    ihre Form
    ihr Mass
    der Grad
    aller Dinge
    das Leben
    kann der Mensch
    nur annähernd
    sich wissen
    Herzliche Grüße
    Hans Gamma
    Good day
    The tangible moment ends
    begins in the story
    of the universe of time
    Time is an event over
    the immeasurable nothingness
    our past
    those in the soul
    anchored in the body
    is not correctable
    we measure
    the laws of nature
    the things
    life one
    constant flow
    the measure of time
    is the beginning
    the end
    of us
    over lasting
    the human
    the beginning
    its end
    Birth and death
    the same is true
    the future
    we suspect
    the outbreak
    in diversity
    of all things
    be found
    even the end
    the expansion
    their shape
    her measure
    the degree
    of all things
    can the
    human being
    only approximate
    know each other
    Best regards
    Hans Gamma


  2. Just remember, time (our time) only exists here on earth… it’s created by us, based on the posotion of our sun. But what in deep space ? What is the reference there if someone might been living there….

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