Poem by – Shobana Gomes blog – https://simplyshobana.net/

Let It Rain, Let It Shine

Happy New Year Everyone. It is a brand new start to another year, and I thought it a novel idea to share a poem with you. I hope that it inspires you to have a beautiful year ahead.

As I step into another year,

I leave the past behind,

Do I turn back?I think not,

It matters not now that it has gone.

It is raining outside,

The world is washed anew,

I watch for the rainbow,

That ray of light.

I stare with awe at the colorful assemble,

Across the sky,

And believe the universe,

a beauty unparalleled.

My thoughts seem clearer,

I see traces of the sun,

And I am renewed.

Let it Rain, Let it Shine.

Let a new chapter be born.(All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2021
Thank you.
Short Bio: Shobana Gomes is a poet/writer from Malaysia. She is also a published author. Her website address is https://simplyshobana.net. She loves writing about nature, love, and treasures the gift of life.


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