The universe, a small word with a huge meaning.
It contain mass, space, matter, time, and everything.

All this matter combine to make our galaxies, stars, planets and all the other terrestrial bodies in space.

The approximate diameter of our giant universe is 93 billion light years.

According to some theories, multiverse and parallel universe also exist. Multiverse meaning multiple universe like our universe.

In a galaxy , there are billions of stars and there are billions of galaxies in a universe.

The universe is form after big bang, 13.6 billion years ago and then start to expand and also expanding continously at present.
The rate of expansion of universe is

There is a hypothetical medium also called dark matter. The dark matter present everywhere in the universe.

At present, most electromagnetic radiation are also present from the time of bigbang. Most of physical laws fails in space like in black holes.

The smallest unit called atom makes such a large universe. Atom that contain electrons, protons, and neutrons made up of quarks.

Mostly hydrogen atoms present in the universe. Hydrogen is formed first after Big Bang and then other elements and after all these elements combine to make our universe.

The universe is made up of galaxies. Galaxies have stars and planets, planets are revolving around stars and make solar systems.
In our solar system, the star is sun that present in centre of our solar system. There are eight planets and some dwarf planets revolving around sun. This solar system is only a unit of universe.

to be continue..



      1. Good day

        The size of the cosmos
        is approximate in numbers
        understandable and tangible

        Its content
        will be

        since the beginning
        of the universe
        until its end

        remains to man
        down to the last
        despite all teaching
        the knowledge
        the research
        a secret

        The life
        and things
        I think so
        are indivisible
        connected with each other

        Best regards
        Hans Gamma


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