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Indiscriminate felling of trees as a results of urbanization, industrial enterprise, mining operations, and use of wood for domestic and alternative functions, have caused significant depletion of forests.

1) Shifting cultivation
*During this follow a patch of land is cleared, vegetation is burned and therefore the ash is mixed with the soil therefore adding nutrients to the soil.

*This patch of land is employed for raising crops for 2 to a few years, and therefore the yield is modest.

*Then this space is abandoned and is left to recover its fertility, and therefore the same follow is recurrent elsewhere on a recent piece of land.

*All that’s needed for this technique of cultivation may be a set of easy tools, not high level of mechanisation.

2) Development project
*The human population have hyperbolic significantly, thus with their necessities.

*Development comes just like the electricity comes, massive dams and reservoirs, birth down of railway lines and roads aren’t solely extraordinarily helpful, however they’re conjointly coupled with many environmental issues.

*Several of those comes need Brobdingnagian deforestation.

3) Fuel necessities
*The increasing demand for fuel with ever growing population will increase larger pressure on the forests, which ends up in hyperbolic intensity of deforestation.

4) Stuff necessities
*Wood is employed as a stuff by numerous industries for creating paper, plywood, furniture, match sticks, boxes, crates, packing cases, etc.

*Industries conjointly get their raw materials from plants like medication, scents and perfumes, resin, gums, waxes, turpentine, latex and rubber, tannis, alkaloids, bees wax.

*This exerted tremendous pressure on forest system and their unrestricted exploitation for numerous alternative raw materials is that the main reason for degradation of the forest system.

5) Alternative Causes
*Deforestation conjointly results from overgrazing, agricul ture, mining, urbanization, flood, fire, pest, diseases, defence and communication activites.

How it affects?
*Closed forests (based on cover level) have being di minished because of deforestation resulting in increase in degraded forests.

*Forests recycle wetness from soil into their immediate atmosphere by transpiration wherever it once more precipitates as rain.

*Deforestation leads to an instantaneous lowering of spring water level and in long reduction of precipitation.


*Because of deforestation, this natural recycle cycle is broken and water is lost through speedy flee.

*A lot of of the mining activity in Republic of India is being disbursed in forest regions. the apparent result’s deforestation and eating away.

*Underground mining has conjointly considerably uncovered forests, as timber is employed for supporting the roofs of mine galleries.

*An oversized range of abandoned mines square measure lying in unhealthy form and square measure below in depth valley erosion resulting in degradation of the environment.


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