The desert rose is neither soft nor fragrant. In fact, it is not a flower at all, but a gypsum crystal. Do you know what gypsum is?

It is a mineral used in the manufacture of concrete, sheet rock, and plaster of Paris. In the desert, gypsum crystals are found in sand dunes.

The grains of sand interfere with the growth of crystals, and the result is that the crystals are formed in the shape of petals.

Desert rose gypsum is found in many locations around the world, and specimens found in different places can look radically differ ent, but all of them are without doubt delicate beauties born of the Earth.



  1. Gypsum is also used to help break down soil and rock when planting.. I used it when I was planting trees in my garden here in Australia. Enjoying your blog.. 😊💛😊

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