Addition of sure substances to the water like organic, inorganic, biological, tomography, heat, that degrades the standard of water in order that it becomes unfit for use? Pollution isn’t solely confined to surface water, however it’s additionally unfold to H2O, ocean and ocean.

Types of sources

Purpose Sources

*It’s directly because of one influence. Here waste travels directly from supply to water. purpose sources ar simple to manage.

Diffuse or non-point supply.

*It’s from varied sick outlined and diffuse sources. They vary spatially and temporally and ar tough to manage.

The most sources of pollution are as follows:

Community waste water:
Embody discharges from homes, business and industrial institutions connected to public sewerage system. The waste matter contains human and animal excretory product, food residues, improvement agents, detergents and different wastes.

Thermal Pollution:
*The most sources ar the thermal and atomic power plants. the ability plants use water as fluid and re lease hot waters to the first supply.
Sharp rise in temperature kills fishes and different aquatic animals.

Marine pollution:
* Oceans ar the final word sink of all natural and imitation pollutants. Rivers discharge their pollutants into the ocean. The sewerage and garbage of coastal cities also are drop into the ocean. The opposite sources of oceanic pollution ar guidance discharge of oil, grease, Delaware tergents, sewage, garbage and radioactive wastes, off shore oil mining, oil spills.

Effects of pollution
1.Effects on aquatic ecosystem:
*Impure water reduces Dissolved element (DO) content, thereby, eliminates sensitive organisms like being, molluscs and fish etc.

2. Effects on human health:
*The impure water typically contains pathogens like virus, bacteria, parasitic protozoa and worms, therefore, it’s a supply of water borne diseases like jaundice, cholera, typhoid, amebiasis etc.
Water contaminated with Cd will cause itai itai illness additionally known as ouch-ouch illness (a painful illness of bones and joints) and cancer of lungs and liver.

* The compounds of lead cause anaemia, headache, loss of muscle power and light-blue line round the gum.

Control Measures
* Bank buffers

*Treatment of waste matter water and therefore the industrial effluents ought to be done before cathartic it into water bodies.

*Domestic improvement in tanks, streams and rivers, that provide drinkable, ought to be prohibited.

* Excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides ought to be avoided.

*Organic farming and economical use of animal residues as fertilizers.

*water plant (an aquatic weed) will purify water by taking some hepatotoxic materials and variety of significant metals from water.

*Oil spills in water may be clean with the assistance of bregoli – a by-product of paper business resembling saw dirt, oil zapper, micro-organisms.



Dendrochronology is a scientific method of dating by studying the patterns of the growth rings in trees.

Trees have a single, thick and woody stem. If you look at the trunk of a tree that has been cut, you will see that it has a pattern of rings on it.

Each ring is made up of a new layer of tissue that is added every year. So, each ring represents a year of the tree’s growth.

Dendrochronologists are scientists who study the rings of trees. They use annual rings to date events in history – both in the history of the tree, and of the natural world.

Using dendrochronology, it is possible to date wood as far back as thousands of years.