“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

– Mother Teresa



*Soil may be a skinny layer of organic and inorganic materials that covers the Earth’s rocky surface. Soil pollution is outlined because the ‘addition of gear to the soil, that adversely have an effect on physical, chemical and biological prop erties of soil and reduces its productivity.

*It’s build-up of persistent cyanogenetic compounds, chemicals, salts, radioactive materials, or unwellness inflicting agents in soil that have adverse effects on plant growth, human and animal health.

*A soil waste is any issue that deteriorates the standard, texture and mineral content of the soil or that disturbs the biological balance of the organisms within the soil.

*Indiscriminate use of fertilizers, pesticides, pesticides and herbicides.

*Merchandising of huge quantities of solid waste

* Deforestation and wearing

* Pollution thanks to Urbanisation


Industrial Wastes:
* Industrial waste includes chemicals like mercury. lead, copper, zinc. cadmium, cyanide, thiocymates, chromates, acids, alkalies, organic substances ete.

* Pesticides area unit chemicals that embrace pesticides, fungicides, algicides, rodenticides, weedicides sprayed so as to boost productivity of agriculture, biology and farming

Fertilizers and manures:
*Chemical fertilizers area unit additional to the soil for increasing crop yield. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers reduces the population of soil borne organism and also the crumb structure of the soil, productivity of the soil and in creases salt content of the soil.

Discarded materials:
* It includes concrete, asphalt, rings, leather, vans, plas- tics, glass, discarded food, paper and carcasses.

Radioactive wastes:
*radioactive components from mining and atomic power plants, notice their approach into water so into the soil.

Different pollutants:
*Several air pollutants (acid rain) and water pollutants ultimately become a part of the soil conjointly .The soil also receives some cyanogenetic chemicals throughout weathering of emotion tain rocks.

Effects of soil pollution on

i) Agriculture
* Reduced soil fertility

*Reduced biological process

*inflated erosion

*Loss of soil and nutrients

* Reduced crop yield

*inflated salinity

*Deposition of silt in tanks and reservoirs

ii) Health
* Dangerous chemicals getting into underground water

* Bio magnification

*Unharness of waste gases

*Unharness of radioactive rays inflicting health issues

iii) Atmosphere
*Reduced vegetation

*Ecological imbalance

*Imbalance in soil fauna and flora

iv) Urban areas
* Hindering of drains

*Inundation of areas

*Foul smell and unharness of gases

* Waste management issues

Control measures
* Reducing chemical chemical and chemical use.

*Use of bio pesticides, bio fertilizers.

*Organic farming

* Four R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

*Conversion and rehabilitation

*Solid waste treatment

*Reduction of waste from construction areas