Solar energy is beamy light from the Sun that is controlled employing a vary of ever-evolving technologies such as solar heating, photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, solar architecture, liquid salt power plants and artificial chemical process.

There square measure 2 ways that we will manufacture electricity from the sun light:

*Electrical phenomenon Electricity – Uses electrical phenomenon cells that absorb the direct daylight to come up with electricity

* Solar-Thermal Electricity – Uses a reflector that contains a reflected surface that reflects the daylight onto a receiver that heats up a liquid. This hot liquid is employed to create steam that produces electricity.

Electrical phenomenon Electricity
Solar panels square measure connected to associate degree metal mounting system. Electrical phenomenon (PV) cells square measure created from a minimum of two semi conductor layers ,an electric charge, and a charger. As a PV cell is exposed to daylight, photons square measure mirrored, pass all through, or absorbed by the cell.

Once enough photons square measure absorbed by the negative layer of the solar cell, electrons square measure free of the negative semiconductor material. These free electrons migrate to the positive layer making a voltage differential. Once the 2 layers square measure connected to associate degree external load, the electrons flow through the circuit making electricity. The facility generated – – electrical energy (DC) is born-again to Alternate Current (AC) with the employment of inverters.

Concentrated solar energy (CSP) or star thermal technology
It utilises centered daylight and convert it into warmth heat. That heat is then channelled through a standard generator to provide electricity.

Solar collectors capture and concentrate daylight to heat a fluid that successively generates electricity. There square measure several variations within the form of the collectors. The foremost normally used square measure the parabolic troughs.

Parabolic trough power plants use a falciform, reflected trough that reflects the direct radiation onto a glass tube contain ing a fluid and also the fluid gets heated due to the concen trated radiation and also the hot steam generated is employed to rotate the rotary engine to come up with electricity. normally used fluids square measure artificial oil, liquid salt and pressurized steam.

The power generated – electrical energy (DC) is born-again to Alternate Current (AC) with the employment of inverters.

A light star concentrator (LSC) could be a device that uses a skinny sheet of fabric to entice radiation over an oversized space, before leading the energy (through lumines cent emission) to cells mounted on the skinny edges of the fabric layer.

The thin sheet of fabric generally consists of a compound (such as polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)), doped with light species like organic dyes, quantum dots or group complexes.

What is the requirement for LSCs?
*The most motivation for implementing LSCs is to switch an oversized space of pricey star cells in a very normal flat-plate PV panel, with a less expensive different. thus there’s each a discount in each the price of the module (£/W) and also the solar energy made (€/kWh).

*A key advantage of over typical concentrating sys tems is that LSCs will collect each direct and diffuse radiation. thus trailing of the sun isn’t needed.

*LSCS square measure glorious candidates for building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and for the cloudier northern climates.

Ideal LSC
*A broad absorption vary to utilize the star spectrum with efficiency.
*100 percent emission of sunshine from the fascinating light species.

*An oversized shift between the absorption and emission specification tra to cut back absorption losses.

* Long run stability.

*Challenges for LSC

*The event of LSCS aims to make a operating structure that performs near to the theoretical maximum potency.



  1. the motor car was like the solar panel in the beginning; no one knew how to harvest it’s uses, but solar does not bring pollution, doesn’t poison, in a nutshell, it’s this easy, ignoring all that can go wrong, has anyone worked out the amount of cash that has been thrown into the sea for the last twenty years, from the failure to make more proper use of the sun and waves, amen..trillions

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  2. Hopefully government should take steps to install solar energy power panels and should motivate and encourage people to support this. Definitely in India as we have good sunlight allmost for more than 10months in a year, it will be utilised completely. Especially it reduces pollution. Very much informative article. 💐👌👍

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