Table sugar, vitamins, plastics, aspirin, penicillin, and most of the chemicals in your body are organic compounds, that contain a minimum of 2 carbon atoms combined with atoms of 1 or additional alternative components. All alternative compounds are referred to as inorganic compounds. One exception, paraffin (CH), has only 1 atom however is taken into account associate degree chemical compound.

The innumerable identified organic (carbon-based) compounds embody the following:
Hydrocarbons: Compounds of carbon and gas atoms. One example is paraffin (CH), the most element of fossil fuel, and therefore the simplest chemical compound. Another is hydrocarbon (C4H8), a significant element of fuel.

Chlorinated hydrocarbons: Compounds of carbon, hydrogen, and gas atoms. associate degree example is that the pesticide DDT (C14H.Cls).

Simple carbohydrates (simple sugars): Sure styles of compounds of carbon, hydrogen, and gas atoms. associate degree example is aldohexose (CH20), that most plants and animals break down in their cells to get energy.

Larger and additional complicated organic compounds, metallic element sential to life, ar composed of macromolecules. a number of these molecules, referred to as polymers, ar shaped once variety of straightforward organic molecules (monomers) are connected along by chemical bonds, somewhat like rail cars connected in a very rattler. The 3 major styles of organic polymers ar complicated carbohydrates like polysaccharide and starch, that accommodates 2 or additional monomers of straightforward sugars like aldohexose proteins shaped by monomers referred to as amino acids and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) shaped by monomers referred to as nucleotides.

Lipids, that embody fats and waxes, ar a fourth form of supermolecule essential forever.

Matter involves Life through Genes, Chromosomes, and Cells
The story of matter, beginning with the atom, becomes additional complicated as molecules grow in complexness. This is often no less true after we examine the basic elements of life. The bridge between nonconscious and living matter lies somewhere between macromolecules and cells—the basic structural units of life.

Above, we tend to mentioned nucleotides in deoxyribonucleic acid. At intervals some deoxyribonucleic acid molecules ar sure sequences of nucle animal order referred to as genes. Every of those distinct items of deoxyribonucleic acid contains directions, referred to as genetic info, for creating specific proteins. Every of those coded units of genetic info issues a selected attribute, or char acteristic passed on from folks to offspring throughout re production in associate degree animal or plant.

Thousands of genes, in turn, conjure one body, a special desoxyribonucleic acid molecule along side variety of proteins. Genetic info coded in your body desoxyribonucleic acid is what causes you to totally different from associate degree oak leaf, associate degree alligator, or a flea, and from your par ents. In alternative words, it causes you to human, however it additionally causes you to distinctive.