Acids and bases
Acids and bases are chemical opposites: acids produce charged hydrogen ions and bases produce charged hydroxide ions. Several acids and bases is combined to supply helpful substances, like salts and soaps.

Some powerful acids are terribly corrosive, which implies they will destroy, or “eat through,” alternative substances. Weaker acids, like juice and vinegar, have a robust, sour taste. These are typically use inflavor food and may even be found in several family cleansing merchandise.

Bases and alkalis
Strong bases are as dangerous as robust acids, though a base that destroys alternative substances is sometimes called caustic instead of corrosive. Hydrated oxide (caustic soda) will eat through some metals. Bicarbonate, or sodium hydrogen carbonate, could be a weak base, typically utilized in change of state. Some bases ar soluble and are referred to as alkalis.

Mixing acids and bases
When bound acids and bases ar mixed, they will react to supply water and a salt. Soap is formed once a robust base is additional to a carboxylic acid (a building block of fats found in our bodies and food), breaking it all the way down to kind a tough or soft soap (depending on the base).

Measuring acids and bases
The strength of acids and bases is measured exploitation the hydrogen ion concentration (power of hydrogen) scale. It ranges from zero (strong acid) to fourteen (strong base). Pure water is seven on the pH scale, that is neutral- neither acid nor base. The hydrogen ion concentration of a substance is measured employing a hydrogen ion concentration indicator like paper. the colour of the indicator changes in line with the hydrogen ion concentration of the substance.


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