Magnetism could be a force which will attract (pull toward) or repel (push away). Materials that are powerfully interested in magnetism, like iron or nickel, referred to as magnetism materials.

Repel or attract
A magnet has 2 ends, or poles-a north pole and a South Pole. once 2 magnets placed close to one another with like (the same) poles facing, the 2 poles can push one another away. If a pole is facing a South Pole, they’re going to pull toward one another.

Magnetic field
The area around a magnet wherever a magnetism will be detected is named its field. The field is strongest close to the poles. Dropping iron filings around a magnet reveals the form of its field.

The stronger the magnet, the larger its field are going to be.

Magnets in action
We use magnets in many various ways in which the motors within several machines driven by tiny magnets, whereas giant magnets will power giant objects like trains.

Magnetic Earth
Earth could be a big magnet. It’s encircled by a field, that is made by electrical currents deep within the planet’s liquid metal core. A compass works by sensing Earth’s magnetism. It contains alittle magnet, and therefore the South Pole of the needle points toward Earth’s direction pole.


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