BOOK LAUNCH BY MEMBERS OF PENSER editors wrote a novel “BEHIND THE SECRET DOOR” part – the redemption.

it is an amazing novel to read with full of suspense, mystery and thrill and it is from all age group whether you are 3 or 80.

it is available in ENGLISH and HINDI.

you can buy it from amazon or directly from given link –

penser recommended this book and as you all are part of it, please appreciate the effort of author and make it successful.

this is first fiction novel from penser and it took more than 18 months to wrote it.

please share it with your family and friends.

when every single copy is purchased, it makes smile on the face of author

so make it count.

every suggestion, feedback and comments or anything regarding this book you can mail us

mail –


buy this amazing book –


Author: penser studypoint

it is a type of knowledge site and here you find valuable information on a various topics.

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