Fungi are life-forms like mushrooms, yeasts, and molds that go after plants and animals. They break down dead animals and plants, feeding on the nutrients. Once the fungi die, this recycles the nutrients.

The acquainted mushrooms that grow in fields area unit simply alittle a part of a plant that grows underground. The mushrooms, the “fruiting body” of the fungus-they turn out and scatter spores, that grow into new fungi. Some mushrooms are edible, however several area unit toxic.

Yeast could be a small acellular plant. It feeds on sugars, manufacturing carbonic acid gas and alcohol. Yeast is employed within the creating of bread, and therefore the carbonic acid gas it produces makes the bread rise. The alcohol evaporates away because the bread is baked.

Molds are microscopic fungi that grow in skinny strands referred to as hyphae. They go after dead plants and animals, creating them rot. In medication, a mould referred to as fungus genus produces antibiotic, a valuable antibiotic for treating infections.


  1. Antibiotics come from mold? I thought they are manufactured by machines and come out of assembly lines. How can I be so ignorant? It has a “bio” inside the name and it has to come out of biological processes. LOL.

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