Earth is that the solely place within the universe wherever life is understood to exist. A lot of completely different styles of life-form area unit found everywhere the earth. Some, like bacterium, area unit too tiny to ascertain with the oculus, whereas others, like trees, could also be over three hundred linear unit (100 m) tall. Several habitats implausibly wealthy in life-from lush tropical forests swarming with insects, mammals, and frogs to coral reefs on the seafloor that area unit full of brilliantly coloured fish, crustaceans, and small being.

Types of animate thing
Scientists divide the big variety of life on Earth into completely different teams. the littlest cluster is that the “species. The most important cluster is that the “kingdom.” There are 5 kingdoms-fungi, bacteria, protists, plants, and animals.

A group of living things known as fungi feeds on dead or rot animals and plants.

This kingdom includes mushrooms, molds, and yeast.

WAll living things area unit created from microscopic units known as cells. small one-celled bacterium area unit the best kind of life, and therefore the most typical. they’re found everywhere the earth.

The protists are one-celled life-forms. Their cells area unit a lot of advanced than bacterium and contain a nucleus as a sway center. Several protists, like protoctist, live along in giant teams.

Members of the kingdom turn out chemical element and area unit crucial to life on Earth. They create their own food mistreatment the energy of the Sun, and conjointly offer food for each animals and fungi.

The kingdom Animalia is split into 2 groups: Vertebrates, that have a backbone and embody mammals, reptiles, and fish; and Invertebrates, that lack a backbone and embody insects, spiders, and crustaceans.

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