We are continuously inhaling the gas known as oxygen-without it, we would die. Oxygen plays a vital role in breaking down nutrients such as glucose that need to be transported to various locations to provide the body with energy. This process is known as cell respiration.

The energy produced through cell respiration is contained in a molecule that is called ATP, which stands for adenosine triphosphate. ATP can be thought of as the fuel required for various cellular processes to occur throughout the body.

In addition to producing ATP, cell respiration also produces carbon dioxide. So while oxygen is inhaled, carbon dioxide is exhaled, and is con sidered a waste product. It is exhaled because it is a waste product of cell respiration. Like other waste products that are covered throughout this book, carbon dioxide must leave the body. If carbon dioxide builds up in the body, it can disrupt the chemical balance in the body. This can cause acidosis, when fluid becomes too acidic, which can result in calcium deposits in the body’s soft tissue. Carbon dioxide buildup in the body is toxic to the heart.



  1. I’ve never known that carbon dioxide can build up in the body with its severe effects. How can one enhance the release of excess carbon dioxide in such a case?

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      1. Interesting. I am sure about the limited air intake and it’s stress to the body from the masks but wasn’t aware about the carbon intake they cause

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      2. Yes, many people are getting fungal infections due to the masks, they do not protect us from a virus with tiny tiny particles.. we have been lied to buy that’d another story..

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