At present, we are changing according to the time. Time not change according to us. But what if we change the time. Time travel An imaginary thought.

We don’t know if It will be future or past. It is like changing time’s direction to past or increasing time’s speed to future, but if it will be possible in the future, It may be travel to past.

According to relativity, Nothing can travel faster than light (3 × 10⁸m/sec.). At light speed, mass will be infinite (according to relativistic mass formula) . And the length of object will be zero (according to length contraction formula). But if we travel with the light speed, what can we see? Is there any color? Is there any boundary of anything? Only white light appears on moving with light speed. Everything is white.

At present, black holes are the best source to see the past. Where, light cannot even pass through. The body’s shape , space-time will be changed at light speed . 

Even if we travel with such a high-speed it will take 2000 years in reaching and coming back to Earth from a thousand light years away star(or any Terrestrial body in space). When you travel such a large distance, an atom, the smallest unit of matter also traveled to that distance, and it is amazing to imagine.


According to scientists, a wormhole is a cylindrical path between two heavy bodies in space. It is not from any science fiction movie. It is scientist’s thoughts. 

Wormhole forms by two giant bodies have very high gravity value like black holes. If a path is a thousand light years long, wormholes can make it a few million miles long. So, it may be a possibility to travel faster than light.

In 1835, Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen called them Einstein-Rosen Bridge. Bridge that connects two, bodies that are light years far away from each others.

Worm holes are like tunnels in space connecting to distant bodies because space and time are flexible (according to Einstein). Through the wormholes we can cover very long distance in a very short period.


According to another theory we can travel with light speed. The theory proposed that, if we are stable and space can move. In this theory, a large heavy body contract the space with fast and alternately a negative mass, behind the large body, can expand that contracted space.

Negative mass is only a hypothetical Idea. It behaves just opposite of positive mass that we have.

Positive mass can contract the space while a negative mass can expand it. Due to this, we remain stable on a position and space can move.

If all this phenomena possible, we can cover large distance with speed of light by stay at a place without any change.

To be continue…

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    1. Thank you divya for your support and intrest.
      If you want more, then we’ll update it or post more information on time travel in part 2.
      So keep in touch with penser and soon we’ll post our team mail id then you can send a request topic on that, and soon we’ll make an article on your topic.

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  1. Science based posts tend to attract pedantic people who don’t understand that these are theories and that there is little point browbeating others. I happen to love astrophysics and have spent a lot of time reading academic papers, journal articles, and listening to lectures. I will not pretend to know every single detail about how wormholes work because every time I see a formula, the details change, and every physicist seems to have a different theory. I listen to physicists – they disagree with each other and show their math. Always important to show the evidence whenever we support a theory. It’s also important to start with one that makes sense to us. I enjoyed your post and I hope to see more in future.

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  2. I have just published my first novel, Killing Time in Cambridge. Time travel is involved. There was an Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan who if I remember rightly worked out the math’s for wormholes before Einstein.

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    1. Ramanujan sir was a great mathematician and we’ll also write an article on him and post it on penser and yes he had an IQ of about 185.
      And i don’t know anything about his research on wormholes yet, but we’ll mention his achievement and research in biography.

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      1. It was only relatively recently if I recall correctly that someone was able to identify some of his equations as relating to wormholes, it was mentioned in a television programme I was watching.

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  3. Yes, I saw a show explaining how worm holes work. If aliens can go from one place to another instantly by using worm holes as the highway to another dimension or the past or the future in any dimension. Then they said if we tried to use worm holes in the same way we could explore the entire Milkyway or any other dimension just as fast. It is interesting and this subject is something I can use in my blog stories. I love fiction and worm holes are not fiction they are real. Thanks for this incredible blog. Have a fascinating weekend !

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