You want to talk

Hi guys,,,,

This is ashutosh from penser and this time i am not talking about any unusual educational topic or any school project. But this time i have something to share and i want your opinion and your point of view, i want to know that what you think on these types of things.

We usually saw or experienced that now a days, many people are depressed. And we know that they are worried about covid 19 problems and i think this is normal and common in these types of situations

But sometime it is not like that some people are experiencing some another type of pain.

I don’t know about that what are they actually feel but some problems are common and some are highlighted by newspaper and tv news channels and top problems are bullying, abusing, breakup, money problem.

And it is not right that one person feeling that bad and we are chilling, this is not a humanity.

We should take a stand, and try to help or atleast listen to his/ her problem and try to solve them.

we should take some steps and make our enviroment joyful. So we decided that what if we started an online camp where you can discuss your problems and we are trying to solve it and makes you happy .

But right i have no idea about that and i don’t have any kind of knowledge and honesty i don’t know that, this is right or not. I am just trying to make people smile

So if you have any suggestions any query or any thing about this session you can contact me –

Mail –

So please if you have anything about this session, please discuss it with me

We can create a smile on somebody’s face and make a better future

This is only for humanity.

thank you