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Total number of bones in the body – 206
Smallest bone in the body – stapes
Longest bone in the body – Femur
Smallest long bone in the body – Malleus
Most slender long bone in the body – Fibula
Largest flat bone in the body – Hip bone
Largest sesamoid bone in the body – patella
Most actively growing area of long bone – Metaphysis
Most vascular area of a long bone – Metaphysis
Largest nutrient artery in the body – Nutrient artery of Tibia
Commonest site of osteomyelitis in a long bone – Metaphysis
All long bone of body lie vertically except – Clavicle
All the bones in the body are made up of both compact and spongy bone except – Inferior Nasal concha
Commonest site of bone marrow aspiration – Manubrium sternum in adult and iliac crest in children.
Most abundant cartilage in the body – Hyaline cartilage
Most durable cartilage in the body – Fibro cartilage
Commonest congenital anomaly due to defective endochondral Ossification – Achondroplasia
Most common site of accessory bones – Lambdoid suture of skull
All the long bones in the body follow low of Ossification except – Fibula
Commonest congenital anomaly due to defective membranous Ossification – Cleidocranial dysostosis
Largest hyaline cartilage in the body – Thyroid cartilage of larynx
Largest yellow elastic cartilage in the body – Cartilage of Ear auricle