Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

In 1917 Radon develop the basic mathematical equation.

In 1920 develop the method to image the specific section of the body known as body section radiograph.

In 1935 Grossman define the technique and labelled it as tomography.

In 1937 Watson develop another tomography technique this is known as transverse axial tomography.

In 1940 frank and Takahashi published the basic principle of axial ct.

In 1956 Cormark developed the theory of image reconstruction.

In 1967 Hounsfield develop the clinical useful CT scanner.

In 1972 first clinical brain scanner.

In 1975 dynamic spatial reconstructor was installed a biodynamic unit
at the myoclinic.

1980 a high speed CT scanner introduced that is used electron beam technique was used to image the cardiovascular system to overcome motion artefact this is known as EBCT.

In 1992 the dual slice spiral CT scanner was introduced.

1998 MSCT was introduced at the radiological society of
north America in Chicago.

In 2000 , 16 & 32 slice CT scanner was introduced.

In 2004 , 64 slice Ct scanner was introduced.

In 2006 dual source CT scanner was introduced Two x-ray tube coupled two detector array.

In 2006, 256 slice was introduced.

In 2007, 320 slice was introduced



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