The World Health Organization is a  specialized agency  of United Nations. WHO was established on 7th April 1948. The headquarters of WHO is located in  Geneva. WHO serves as the directing and coordinating  authority for International health matters and  public health.


First global health organization. In latter half  of 19 th century, severe cholera epidemics  was occurred. At that time, series of  international sanitary conferences were held  in Europe to co-ordinate policy & practice  around quarantine & disease management. The League of Nations established a health  organization in 1920.


Establishment of the United Nations is in  1945, marked as a period of aggressive  internationalism & international  organization building & though health was  not initially thought to be under the U.N.

After its motion started by Brazilian &  Chinese delegates to establish an  international health organization and that  was generally accepted.

A group of health experts, working on emergency  relief in World War II were charged with the task of  drafting a constitution to define the structure &  mandate of the body that would become known as  the World Health Organization  (WHO).

Finally, WHO’s constitution came into force on 7 th  April 1948. This date celebrates every year as “ WORLD HEALTH DAY” by all over world.


To develop & implement multisectorial public  policies for health, integrated gender- & age-  sensitive approaches that facilitate  community empowerment, together with  action for health promotion, self-care &  health protection throughout the life course  in cooperation with the relevant national and  International partners.



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