Food webs

Energy passes from one animate thing to a different within the sort of food. Food webs show however living things go after each other. At very cheap of a food cycle are plants, that build their own food, taking energy from the Sun. At the highest ar predators, that go after alternative animals.

Food chain
Food webs are created from totally different, many various, many alternative food chains that have different levels. In a very organic phenomenon, plants are referred to as producers as a result of they create their own food. Animals that eat plants are referred to as primary customers. Primary customers are ingested by alternative animals referred to as secondary customers, or predators. Once all living things die they become the food of organisms referred to as decomposers.

Food pyramid
As we have a tendency to go up a organic phenomenon, the number of food offered decreases. This is often as a result of living things use most of the energy within the food they eat respiration. A organic phenomenon shows however energy is lost at every level. close to the highest, there ar simply many predators, whereas at very cheap there are more producers.


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