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Nebula, a type of cloud in space.
It is formed by dust particle and gases that present in space. When a star die, it will exploded and spread dust and gases all over in space and when a star start its formation the best gas all around it and make a nebula.

The gas in nebulae is mostly hydrogen and helium.

The spreaded gas and dust start to collect condense and make stars.

Nabulae can be anywhere in space near the stars. Hellix nebula is the nearest nebula to us.

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Some nebulae are very large such as approximate diameter of 100 light years.

Nebulae are visible in space but not brighter as stars.

There are different types of nebulae and named on the basis if their shapes such as Skull nebula, Cat nebula, Red Rectangle nebula, etc.

Most of the nebulae have no boundries and these nebulae are called diffuse nebula.

Due to very low in density, nebulae have very low mass. Even an earth size nebula have mass of few kilograms.