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Meteor shower also called shooting star.

An event in which moving in meteors spotted in night sky.

when meteroids entering in Earth’s atmosphere with a very high speed, they burns because of air friction in atmosphere of earth.

That’s why meteors are visible from earth.

Meteors have different sizes.
Most of them are smaller than sand’s grain.

Mostly all of the meteors can never reach to earth surface.
Sometimes the rate of the meteor shower is very high approximately 1000 meteors per hour.

Meteors are travelling in parallel path with almost same velocity.

Meteor shower cause by interaction of comet and planets.
Comet are are made up by dirt and ice. Due to sun’s heat, comet breaked up and the result is Meteor shower.


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If you want to go to the core(centre) of the Earth, what would you find?

You would start from the the surface of the Earth, which is a hard crust of rock. The rocks of the are not continuous everywhere, but there are many cracks in it.

These rocks split up into large plates, called tectonic plates. Tectonic plates are continuously moving very slowly.

As you go deeper to earth, you would find many changes in the temperature compare to outer atmosphere.

It would get hotter and hotter, as you go down and deep in the earth or in next layer. This is called the mantle.

The mantle is so hot, here is nothing in solid form, even rocks are in molten or liquid in mental.
The molten rock, known as magma.
Megma is also constantly moving.

The core of the Earth is nearly 6400km down the surface.

The Earth has an outer core, and an inner core.
This is made up by mostly of molten iron and some other elements, and the temperature in the core of the Earth is nearly 5500° C.